Snap Ring Removing Tool

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  • Our new Snap Ring Remover removes most snap rings. Snap Rings have always been a favorite part of the rebuilding process. They are probably the biggest cause of self-inflicted injuries in the rebuilding process. Here is a new approach that will removed snap rings from multi-size shaft and snap rings. This tool is adjustable for snap rings from 1/4"(6.3mm) to 7/8"(22.2mm). The C758-0752 can be used right side up or upside down. NO ICE PICKS OR SHARP SCREW DRIVERS!!!
  • V-Groove is for most snap ring retainer removal
  • U-Slot is for shaft insertion behind snap ring
  • Stripper Jaws are hardened tool steel for stripping the snap ring from its groove
  • Back Jaw is made of hardened tool steel and can be turned over or flipped end to end, giving 4 sharp surfaces to use.
  • Side Jaws are hardened tool steel and can be flipped over or end to end giving you 4 sharp surfaces to use.
  • Additional Tools Required: 3/16"Allen wrench, Soft-face Hammer, Vice

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