Manual Bearing Puller

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  • This new manual bearing puller is designed for small shops that have no need for a production puller, but still need to pull all the bearings used in our industry.
  • Designed for use as a holding device
  • Holds both Jiffy Plates and New Style 202/203 Bearing Pullers
  • A Manual Socket or 3/8” Air Impact Gun is required

Choose a puller plate, slide the puller over the plate and tighten the allen screws. When the plate is flush with the top of the puller, attach it to the bearing and remove.
As Pictured:
1. M858-1100 Manual Bearing Puller Only
2. M858-1100 Manual Bearing Puller with Standard Jiffy Plate
3. M858-1100 Manual Bearing Puller with M858-0100 & M858-0100-202

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