5 in One Component Tester

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  • Voltage Junction Drop test and Avalanche Voltage Break over voltage test.
  • Test ungrounded solenoids for leakage to ground
  • Fits in all size shop in one or many locations
  • Color coded scale for stator amps, rotor amps, avalanche voltage, diode and diode trio voltage junction drop

One Tester to do Five Tests

  • Stator Amps: 0 to 200
  • Amp Draw: 0 to 15 Amps, on rotor or generator field coils
  • Voltage Junction Drop: 0.5 to 1.0 Volts on diode trios & rectifiers
  • Avalanche Voltage/Break Over Voltage: 0-30 Volts
  • Diode Polarity: - or + shown by red and green LEDs


  • Footprint:
12" x 12"
  • Height:
  • Weight:
15 lbs

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