Speed Lathe - Air-Collet Closure

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Air-Collet Closure: The air-collet closure is designed and built as an integral element of the speed lathe. Therefore, low speed restriction or cylinder wobble is NOT inherent in Crozier speed lathes. The foot-switch-operated air-collet mitigates operator fatigue in achieving collet closure. A foot valve operates the collet closure leaving both hands free. The air-collet closure facilitates rapid loading and unloading of the part. For thin wall parts, an air regulator on the inlet air will reduce the pressure to prevent damaging delicate parts. For Inside Dimension (ID) collets, the collet closure provides more than enough movement to properly operate the collet.
Variable Drive motor: The DC variable speed motor provides spindle speeds from O to 3600 RPM. This wide range allows the operator to find the optimum speed for each operation. There is no need to move the belt to change the speed. The motor is rated at 1 horsepower, sufficient for demanding jobs. The motor transfer is through a multi-groove belt, similar to the belt under the hood of your car. Dynamic spindle braking is provided through the control. There is nothing mechanical in the braking mechanism to wear, replace or adjust.
Spindle: The oversized spindle rides on ball bearings. The machine can operate continuously at 3600 RPM. The front bearing, on the collet end, is a double row assembly with an extremely high load capability. The bearings are permanently lubricated. The spindle has a through hole up to the capacity of a standard SC collet. The collet insert can be replaced without replacing the entire spindle.
Power: The Speed Lathe requires 120 Volts, single-phase power. The input power is AC that is converted to DC. By design, the DC motor only draws power as required forthe operation. Air requirements are 90 PSI dry air.


• Collet:: Capacity 1.062"
• Collet:: Closure By Air
• Collet:: Type 5C
• Drive System:: Motor Phase Single
• Drive System:: Motor HP 1
• Drive System:: Motor Speed 2500 RPM
• Drive System:: Motion Mulit-groove belt
• Height: 16"
• Power: 120V 10A
• Spindle:: Through Hole 1.125"
• Spindle:: Brake Dynamic
• Spindle:: Max Speed 3600 RPM
• Spindle:: Standard Speed 0-3600 RPM
• Spindle:: Rear Bearing Single Row
• Spindle:: Front Bearing Double Row
• Spindle:: Bearing Type Ball
• Spindle:: Housing Construction Cast Iron
• Weight: 110 lbs
• Weight - Shipping: 145 lbs


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